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ECR, Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

Vacations are about making memories. The best memories are made during the best experiences. Grande Bay Resort and Spa, a boutique hotel set on ECR, along the picturesque coast of the Bay of Bengal, works hard to create those memories for you, your friends and your family. Whether it is a weekend getaway, a special staycation or a holiday, all you need to do is to choose to share it with Grande Bay.

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Celebrations should be fun, easy and affordable because every couple deserves that dream wedding and happiness ever after.

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Nearby Attractions

Historical Attractions

  • Krishna’s Butterball (1.2 kms)
  • Descent of the Ganges (1.4 kms)
  • Varaha Cave Temple (1.4 kms)
  • Shore Temple (1.6 kms)
  • Pancha Rathas (2.4 kms)
  • Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple (16.8 kms)

Cultural and Family Attractions

  • Crocodile Bank (14.2 kms)
  • MGM Dizzee World (28.6 kms)
  • DakshinaChitra Heritage Museum (29.2 kms)
  • VGP Universal Kingdom (34.9 kms)
  • Cholamandal Artists Village (35.2 kms)
  • Pondicherry (96 kms)

Our Activities

Adventure. History. Nature. Tranquility. There is something for everyone.

Family Activities

  • Night Safari @ Crocodile Bank
  • Boat Rides
  • Cycling Tours
  • History Walk
  • Day at Pondicherry
  • Kancheepuram Temple
  • Tour Village Glimpses
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Adult Activities

  • Surfing
  • Motor Cycle Tours
  • Off Road Sports
  • Walk Up To Shiva
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Yoga @ The Resort
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